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10 Tips for Working from Home

How to make work from home interesting and productive.

We all have a tendency to urge for something which is difficult to have rather than admiring what is with us. A while back, often I used to think every morning before leaving for work about the possibility of working from #home more. And now when I have it, all I yearn for is to step out for work. Wearing similar clothes every morning and following the same schedule, can be quite dispiriting. Although I prefer to hop into my PJs every day which are of course more comfortable than a pair of formal trousers and shirts, I miss small coffee breaks and walks during office hours.

Lately, I am relishing working from home as I created a workplace and schedule for myself, in the way I fancied it. And so I thought why not share it with you all. Here are some of the tips I've discovered that can be helpful for working from home right now and otherwise.

1. Start Fresh Every Day

Try to Put on fresh clothes every morning before starting your work. There can be times when you will feel sluggish to even take a shower. All you need to do is to get out of the clothes which you wore to bed last night and jump into a new pair. This will get you ready for a new day.

2. Find your Corner

Pick a spot in your house to set up your work. And while doing so, keep a few things in mind.

It shouldn't be in your bedroom. Your bedroom is for relaxing at the end of the day and you don't want to start the day with a yawn.

Another point to consider is the spot shouldn't be uncomfortable as you will have to spend more than half of the day there focusing, and nor it should be too cozy.

Try looking for a place where natural light is available, like next to a window. If there isn't enough natural light, make sure that artificial light is sufficient. This is one of the most vital aspects to keep in mind to avoid strain in the eyes.

Make sure that the spot gives you proper wifi connectivity. No one likes to be interrupted during a call or in between a work task.

3. Set up a lively Workplace

Don't forget you have to work every day in one corner so make sure to have a lively set up that can get you some positive energy throughout the day. One way of doing it is by keeping anything next to you that you cherish. You can keep a family picture, a candle, some fresh flowers, or anything that you believe will cheer you.

Before you start with work, keep everything you might need during the day. It can be stationary, a water bottle (check this out if you are looking for one), your phone and computer charger, headphones for calls, and anything that is your partner for work.

It is pestering at times when you need something urgently and you can't find it in between your working hours. I make sure to at least keep my planner, a diary, my favorite pen, headphones, and a water bottle before I commence with work.

4. Like your Work, your Meals are Equally Important

Keep track of your meals throughout the day and don't miss or delay them no matter how busy you are. I understand it is easy to get caught up in work and then realizing you haven't eaten. One way of not letting this happen is by keeping an alarm or a reminder and following it.

Avoid too much snacking between the meals. I know while working there can be cravings that are hard to ignore. I normally make myself a cup of strong coffee at noon to dodge these cravings or at times munch some faux nuts to keep it healthy.

5. Have a Separate Place for Meals

Get up, leave your workplace for meals. Avoid having food at your work desk. Give your body and mind some rest by way of moving from one position to another. Take time and have your meal in a more comfortable and relaxed spot.

You can even use this time to check your social media or reply to messages but make sure you keep a track of time. This will help you in overcoming the urge of checking your phone once you get back to work.

6. Keep taking Small Breaks

Taking breaks can be difficult especially when you have a hectic day. But they are very important to regain energy and be more productive.

Get up for a small walk or for filling your water bottle or simply for some stretching. This helps to focus better on your work.

7. Let the Music Play

You can play some soft music in the background unless you are on a call or you really have to focus on something. Lyrics can be a bit distracting so go for some instrumental melody. Music can help you enjoy monotonous tasks and can relax your mind that will make you more creative and productive at work.

8. Make Diary/Planner your Best Friend

It is often hard to remember what was discussed on the call when too much information is loaded. Not only that, but we also struggle to remember the ideas we had. Keep a diary and a pen handy for such moments. Earlier oftentimes I used to get an idea that I would struggle to revive by the end of the day. Hence, I made a point to always carry a diary and a pen so that I don't miss my creative thoughts anymore.

9. Plan for the Next Day

We all know how important planning is in today's time. Be it preparing for a project, a holiday, a party, or even shopping these days, we plan well in advance to evade any confusion.

My previous job required me to attend conference calls while working and at the same time interacting with my colleagues for anything urgent. People who have worked with me know how accustomed I am with taking notes for every single thing. I used to put a tick next to something which I would complete and an arrow (facing right), next to tasks I would carry for the coming days. This helped me with planning my next day well in advance. Try and bring this in your routine if you haven't already and you will notice the difference.

10. Fix a Closing Time

Just because we are saving a few hours of travel, doesn't mean we have to leverage our personal time for work every day. I normally shut down my computer before my evening tea and make a point not to pick it up before the next day unless I have something important to finish. When I was in a private job, I was rarely productive after 6 p.m.

Keep your evenings for yourself and your family. Spend time with them, workout if you didn't get time in the morning. Do whatever you want to, but fix a time for shutting down your computer and stick to it.

The above tips have worked for me and I hope these will serve you too.

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