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5 Mocktails To Enjoy This Summer!

Easy recipes to try at home

When it comes to dealing with the heat and humidity I focus on 2 things; spending a little more time at home than I normally do and keeping myself hydrated. Last summer, after receiving a lot of admonishments from my husband for not drinking enough water, I decided to track my water intake during the day using an app. My mobile used to ring every hour to remind me of my commitment towards Akhil (this is the first time I am introducing him through my blog and let's stick to his name for now)! lol

So this season I decided to deal with #summers not only with water but with a few refreshing drinks. I am a very difficult person when it comes to trying something new in food and otherwise but I've been committed to making more #mocktails at home now. This season I mixed different ingredients and flavors to create these 5 drinks which I think I will continue to have. And I have to accept that a little credit also goes to Akhil for his inputs.

Here are the #recipes of my 5 current favorite mocktails that are refreshful, easy to make, and are heavenly in summers.

Sweet Lime Mocktail

3/4 glass coconut water

1/4 glass sweet lime juice (mosambi)

2 teaspoon honey

2 slices of lemon

few ice Cubes

1 slice of sweet lime for garnishing

Add slices of lemon in a glass with honey over it.

Add coconut water and ice cubes. Now add juice and stir a little.

Place a slice of sweet lime on the glass before serving.

Mango Mocktail

1/4 glass mango pulp

3/4 glass sparkling water

a pinch of black salt

rose syrup

few ice cubes

Add mango pulp in a blender (you can make the pulp at home or buy a can).

Add a pinch of black salt along with sparkling water and mix.

Cover the inner surface of the glass with some rose syrup. Now add ice cubes and the mixture.

Place a slice of mango next to the glass before serving.

Lemon Mocktail

8 to 10 mint leaves

2-3 slices of lemon

a pinch of black salt

1/4 teaspoon roasted cumin powder

2 teaspoon honey/sugar syrup (add more as per taste)

1 glass of sparkling water

few ice cubes

1 slice of lemon and mint leaves for garnishing

Add mint leaves, lemon slices (don't forget to remove seeds), black salt, ginger, and roasted cumin powder in a glass. Muddle them together.

Add a few ice cubes over it and fill the glass with sparkling water. Now add honey and stir.

Place a lemon slice and some mint leaves on the glass before serving.

Cucumber Mocktail

1 cucumber

a small piece of ginger

8-10 mint leaves

a pinch of white salt

a pinch of black salt

2 teaspoon honey/sugar syrup

lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

few ice cubes

sparkling water

1 slice of cucumber and mint leaves for garnishing

In a blender add chopped cucumber, mint leaves, ginger, white salt, black salt, lemon juice, and honey. Add a bit of sparkling water to blend it well.

Add ice cubes in a glass and top it with the mixture and some more sparkling water.

Place a slice of cucumber and mint leaves on a stirrer and put it in the glass before serving.

Lemon And Mint Ice Tea

8-10 mint leaves

1/2 teaspoon tea leaves

a small piece of ginger

2 slices of lemon

lemon juice (1/2 lemon)

2 teaspoon honey/sugar syrup

few ice cubes

a slice of lemon and 2 mint leaves for garnishing

Add a glass of water in a pan. Add tea leaves, honey, chopped ginger, and boil the water till it changes to a light golden brown color. Keep aside the pan for the water to cool down.

In a glass add 2 slices of lemon and mint leaves. Top it with lemon juice and a few ice cubes. Now add the boiled water and stir.

Place a slice of lemon and mint leaves on the glass before serving.

Enjoy these mocktails at home and let me know in the comments section below if you like the recipes and want me to post more such blogs.

I shall see you soon in my next blog, till then STAY IN STYLE, STAY IN LOVE!

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