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Anxiety And Us!

Hey, all you gorgeous people out there! I hope you all are staying safe. Its time again for a new blog. Well, this time I thought about writing something which we all have often come across but never really talk about.

What is Anxiety?

If you would type anxiety in google today, you would come across a dozen of elongated definitions. In terse it is a feeling of worry and nervousness. LIFE IS FULL OF ANXIETIES!! Full of stress, confusion, and times when we try to find answers to multiple questions.

Worrying about something in life these days is as normal as brushing in the morning. The example is a bit amusing, but this was all I could think of in a jiffy. We often get #anxious for things like an interview, the first-ever appearance on stage, a relation not working well, and a lot more. Take for example the current scenario we are in. We are anxious and worried about stepping out to get the basic household stuff. And the hard truth is we don't know by when will everything turn back to normal. The list could be endless. We experience this emotion for only those things or situations in life which matter the most to us. And believe me, all this is as natural as anything in life. Research says that more than 18% of the people in the U.S. and more than 4% of the people worldwide are suffering from anxiety. And around 62% of these are female. Being anxious is not a disorder unless it starts affecting our health. Often these jitters can make us work hard towards our goal. And here, I am not only talking about professional goals but personal too. But how can we make sure that this emotion should not develop into a disorder?

We know there is nothing constant in life, and it's the same for the phase of anxiety. Every chapter in life helps us build a stronger personality and makes us tough from within. But how to be strong when all we can think of is uncertainty and unpleasant situations!! My giveaway through this article is to help you through your anxiety phase.

Here, I will recommend 5 easy to follow exercises that will help you overcome this frequent emotion and make better decisions in life when you are feeling stuck. Keep a track of these points and your anxiety will never turn into a disorder. I have also created a handy calendar to track your progress. Don't forget to download the PDF.

Download PDF • 56KB

Also, Let me know in the comments section below if you like this article and feel free to contact me on the website to share your experiences and other useful ways that have helped you in dealing with anxiety. I am not an expert or a certified doctor who can resolve problems with any medication. But I can assure you that I have gone through the same phase and these exercises helped me through that time.

So let's begin!

Take out at least 20 minutes for yourself every morning. Meditate and spend some time with your inner self. Sit quietly and think of how you were as a kid and what were the things you loved the most for which you do not have time today. This will help you identify things that make you happy.

Once you are aware, make a list of these things that were a part of your life at some point. Start taking out time to get back to them. Assign a day during the week when you feel you can take out some time to pursue again what you once loved doing. Take regular classes, if possible, even online, if you like music, dance, or anything else (write back for some tips!). Do gardening if that helps. Pick a day to meet your friends (even if virtually) if frequently hanging out with them makes you smile. Go for shopping if that excites you the most (although you should keep a track) lol... Do whatever makes you happy, but you must do it.

Listen to your favorite playlist or read your favorite book. But if you find it challenging, you can listen to an audiobook before going to bed.

Develop a habit of writing down once a week about the issues and obstacles you come across every day along with a plan. Trust me, writing helps! Define a timeline by when you want to put your plan into action. Track it once a month for better results.

Last but not least your family and friends are the best therapy in your stressful life. Staying in touch and sharing your life with them will help you overcome any nerve-racking situation.

I hope these exercises will help you and as Deanne Repich said,

'When you're feeling anxious, remember that you're still you. You are not your anxiety'

See you soon in my next blog. Till then STAY IN STYLE, STAY IN LOVE!

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