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Few Things To Keep In Mind When Moving To A New Space

And what the experience of renting our own apartment taught me.

I've been a Delhi girl since always. I was born here and completed a substantial part of my education in this city. When I was young and didn't have a degree, I never honestly thought of moving out and the reasons were multiple. I wasn't then confident with the thought of renting or getting my own space. Independently managing a dwelling or sharing with a "roomie" wasn't a preference in those days. I remember my mother was always skeptical of me moving to a different town for higher education. In 2013, the first time when I decided to move to Bangalore for a few months, my parents came along to make sure the decision was right. In the next seven months, staying in the campus hostel schooled me for where I am today. From simply dumping clothes at home in a washing machine to even steaming on my own, the journey has been like a coach.

Bangalore always holds a special place in my heart. It is the city of my independent life both before and after my wedding. Last year when I again moved to Bangalore it was different than before. This time I had someone to lean on to on the days when I don't want to be responsible but unconventional. Since the beginning, Akhil and I were convinced of having a simple #home and spending only what was required as our stay in the city was temporary. And still, there were days of me picking random art pieces for decoration.

Setting up your own space requires a lot and from someone like me, it was more than what I had imagined. Small discussions leading to arguments in the early days, diverse opinions on placing furniture, and even picking the color of cushions, are all now memories. But believe me, it took two minds with not so similar taste, less than a week to come to few conclusions. Here I am today sharing with you what I learned during the course and a few tips on how to set up your own space with less yet more.

Divide tasks and stick to them

Multitasking is a skill however, not every time it works in favor. I read in "Ikigai" that human productivity comes down by 60 percent from multitasking. When your focus is divided, it is difficult to perform any task efficiently. So while setting up your house, divide the duties from start. And make sure not to get carried away with what the other is managing. If you are good at organizing Kitchen, do it by yourself with complete involvement. Believe me, it will take less time, fewer arguments and you will be content with the outcomes.

Take one step at a time

It can be overwhelming when there is too much to organize. On the first day when we entered our new nest, a dozen boxes were lying all over. For a while, just thinking about unboxing them drained us. But if you have a clear picture in mind from where to begin, it can be as easy as rhyming a kindergarten poem. Before pouncing on the receptacles, pick the corner, to begin with, and plan for ahead. As you keep going, unbox one carton at a time that carries everything you need for that corner. For this, you will also have to make sure to pack your belongings in a way that segregates them basis the different segments of your house. To simplify, pack all items of your living room together so that when you are setting up that space, you will only have to open that receptacle.

Let the house be your reflection

Multiple ideas run through the mind when you are setting up a new home. Scrolling through Pinterest and other social media channels for designs and decor samples is something that we all do. There is nothing wrong with doing that. You need the inspiration and want to know what is in trend. However, try not to get carried away with it. Your home should not be a duplicate version of what you see, rather it should say who you are. Along with some inspiration, set up your house in a way that reflects your personality. Buy colors that you love and not only the ones you inspire from.

Keep it simple

It was the first time I was arranging my house and I wanted to buy almost everything I saw. And with the excitement I had, it was hard to resist. But after a few discussions, we decided to keep it simple. We got only the things that were necessary and very few of everything else. The house looked bigger with more free space and was even easy to manage. If you are someone who keeps moving frequently, this is one point to keep in mind for a hassle-free transfer.

Pick pieces that you want in future too

This is one suggestion that I give to anyone if asked. When you buy something for your home, think about it from the future perspective. Would you still own it 5 years down the line? So try to invest in pieces that are either vintage or will be kept in the long run. Make it more of an investment than an expense.

Stick to budget and Borrow if possible

This I believe is the most difficult to do. When we first prepared the list of things we needed, which I still have by the way (let me know in the comments section below if you want for reference), each day we kept adding to it and it was like a never-ending list. At first, none of us realized how much we would end up spending, and when we did, we were astounded. Thankfully by then we didn't reach the middle of the list and started making alterations to it. Every time any of us would travel home, we would get things that were not used by our parents anymore or were in excess for them. This helped us in saving our little bank from drying out.

Dumping is not a solution

Get free of the things you don't need anymore. If you haven't used something for more than a year or so, it is highly doubtful you will use it again. Scrap can make you #anxious. So at the time of moving out, either sell or donate it and create more space in your next home.

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