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Socializing Post Pandemic

How to make the most of social gatherings and get back to connecting.

For a few months, we all have been waiting for the world to get back to the early times and are looking forward to a traditional life. In the last few months, our phone screens have been the only reservoir of some joy. And undergoing this phase proves one thing, we have a new theme for social conversations when we will visit our family and friends. Sharing #lockdown experiences and intricacies is going to be an ice breaker for most of us. But I personally feel that the before-mentioned discussions can a bit flattening after a point. So then how to crush that ICE??

Plan Game Nights

I have always loved game nights. Small in between conversations and the sound of snacks crunching with a sip of beverage from the family pitcher is like a therapy. My favorite has been UNO! Whether during sleepovers, play dates with friends, or simply enjoying one round almost every night before bed, has been a notion for me. Games are always easy to connect right?

One on One Connection

My mother and I often hang out together, just the two of us. We start our day with some shopping followed by lunch at one of our favorite eateries from the list and a movie. Nothing seems fancy about the day but the two of us uniting and having fun in our way make it exceptional. Spending some one on one time with parents post lockdown can be medicinal.


Potluck is another great way to get around. Picking a spot to gather and everyone getting a snack can be informal and yet special at the same time. An easy approach to get back to socializing.

Celebrate Pending Occasions

I have been craving for birthday parties since lockdown. Colorful decorations and cheery chatter in every corner are what remind me of such gatherings. Lockdown might have kept us distant from these celebrations but post lockdown will be the time to rejoice for all the birthdays and anniversaries that were missed.

Plan Sleepovers

Last week I was going through my phone's gallery and this picture caught my attention. It is from a few days in Bangalore that were the most memorable. We were leaving the city in 2 weeks and had a sleepover planned and our friend's place where they had organized a farewell. I often think about the time when it was easy to plan sleepovers. You aren't really on a holiday but it feels like one!

So when we all get back to our routine, let's keep aside some time to also get back to connecting.



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