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Things I Loved This Week!

How I made my week special/Ideas and ways to avoid boredom during the lockdown

When I woke up this Monday morning, I asked myself what is so different about this week and my brain took 2 seconds to answer - Nothing, it's the same! I wonder how often I get this feeling of not being interested in anything or enjoy being lazy. Since the past few months, this thought has been quite consistent. It is often difficult to focus and be productive when you feel so overwhelmed in the current situation. With each day passing by, I feel less interested in almost everything. And so I thought about how to put together activities/things I enjoy, to make the week special.

I have always been fond of reading. It gives me pleasure and I often feel connected to the character or the writer. There are times when I feel so intimidated by a book that I finish it in a day. This week I thought of laying my hands on an old book that I read somewhere in 2017 'Hatching Twitter' by Nick Bilton. It is a true story of what it took 4 people to start a social networking site that most of us are obsessed with today - TWITTER! Scrolling through my old books comforted me. You know the feeling when you revisit your memories, it was kind of similar. I have a habit of smelling books, old or new and I did this after a long time as I haven't been reading much since #lockdown. I guess this was needed for me to get back to my love for reading.

I suggest you get your hands on this book if you are interested in such content. Or read anything that fascinates you and share it with me. Or simply go back to your collection and start with the one you enjoyed the most.

Reading Hatching Twitter by Nick Bilton

Next, I decided to cook and let me disclose that I am a decent chef. As a matter of fact, youtube has been my cohort in cooking, just like it is for most of you. However, it wasn't the same at first. You know how Indian mothers are! Their primary goal is to feed kids with a delectable meal. And my mother is no different. So I discovered my cooking skills primarily post my wedding. This week I decided to treat myself with some home-cooked vegetable sizzler. The recipe was simple and it took about 40 minutes to prepare it. Let me know in the comments section below if you are interested to know the procedure! Cook something different this week. Something you like and has been thinking of trying.

Freshly Cooked Vegetable Sizzler

Another thing I enjoyed this week was scrolling through my old pictures. When I was a child, my father and I use to play music every evening and dance together. Of course, our taste in music was never alike, but we were more interested in showcasing our moves than quibble over songs. My mom clicked pictures while we made poses that were inspired by movies. Going through those pictures with a glass of mocktail beside, was like a breath of fresh air. While I was walking down that memory lane, I got a thought of picking some of those photographs and making a collage for my parents. Isn't this a good time to be creative! Then why not? In fact, there are applications available online for creating a digital collage like Canva, Fotor Collage Maker, Photo Collage, PicMonkey, and many more. You can start with the free ones and can pay for a premium version. In a way, for me, it was like recreating memories.

Shortlisting pictures for collage

We all have been at home for quite some time now and most of us prefer a comfortable and minimal look at home with a basic dress or pairing a loose blouse and pajama. I do the same but I always make sure to primp up a bit. This time I used a headband to titivate. You know how hot it can get in summers and I prefer tying my hair during this weather. So I thought of using a headband as an accessory. Sometimes I wear it with open hair and at times with a bun for a cute look. You can find them on Forever21. Just add it to any basic outfit and you will see the difference.

Headband with a bun

Headband with open hair

My most loved beauty product this week has been a Lemon & Mandaran Orange scrub from ST. Ives. One of its variants was included in my last post (5 Measures/Remedies for Oily Skin: With Products List). I have been obsessed with it for a few days. This scrub is free from harmful chemicals and is best for regular use. For some of you who are allergic to a strong smell/fragrance just like me, this scrub is a savior as it has a mild fruity fragrance. I personally would recommend you to get this.

Scrub from St. Ives

Like most of you, I also have been hooked to different OTT platforms during the lockdown. Binge-watching has become a part of my routine. This week I have been watching a series called 'Travels With My Father' on Netflix.

It is about a man Jack Whitehall, a standup comedian who plans to travel and explore various places around the world with his father. The series is about the bond between them and how they run into hilarious and awkward moments during their sojourn to these places. I would recommend you to watch it with your dad if you are staying with your family.

If you are fond of rom-com movies from the 90's era, I would suggest you watch 'Notting Hill' on Amazon Prime - a simple yet complicated love story. It is my favorite movie of all times. I can't recollect how many times have I seen this one and yet I saw it again,

So this was how I relished my week. Write to me or reply in the comments section below to share how your week went. Let me know if you have been watching any web series or loved a movie. I shall see you soon in my next blog. Till then STAY IN STYLE, STAY IN LOVE!


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